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New harness 'Bring you Flowers' available now! 👀
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Pink Polka Poop Bag / Treat Bag

Pink Polka Poop Bag / Treat Bag

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Introducing the Pink Polka Paw-ssentials: Your Ultimate Dog Poop Bag and Treat Holder in One!

Say goodbye to messy pockets and juggling essentials during your daily walks with your four-legged friend. Our Pink Polka Paw-ssentials Dog Poop Bag Holder is here to make your outings stylish, convenient, and utterly charming.

🐾 Perfectly Polka-dotted: Designed with a touch of whimsy, this Pink Polka Bag Holder is a delightful accessory that effortlessly blends fashion with functionality. The soft pale pink background adorned with pristine white polka dots adds a pop of personality to your dog-walking routine.

🐾 Dual Purpose Design: Versatility is key when it comes to your pet's accessories. Not only does this holder keep your poop bags neatly organized, but it also moonlights as a treat holder. It's your all-in-one solution for staying prepared and rewarding your pup on the go.

🐾 Convenient and Compact: Our Pink Polka Paw-ssentials Holder is just the right size to clip onto your dog's leash, belt loop, or even your bag. It's lightweight, discreet, and won't weigh you down on your adventures.

🐾 Quick Access: No more fumbling around when your dog needs a treat or when nature calls. This holder features a secure zipper for easy access to both your poop bags and treats, ensuring that your pup's needs are met promptly.

🐾 Eco-Friendly: We care about the environment just as much as you do. The Pink Polka Paw-ssentials Holder is designed to be eco-conscious, as it holds your biodegradable poop bags with style.

Order your Pink Polka Paw-ssentials Holder today, and enjoy the convenience and style it brings to every walk. Your dog deserves nothing but the best, and the best just got a little more fashionable and functional!

Pink polka poop bag holder:

  • Can be used for rolls of poop bags, treats, keys, loose change
  • Free roll of poop bags included!
  • Neoprene washable material
  • Rubber opening to pull poop bags through
  • Zip underneath to open
  • Clip to attach to D ring on lead

Poop bag / treat holders are available and ready to ship.

Disclaimer: please check items regularly for wear and tear no item is indestructible. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the item is suitable for wear. 

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