New harness 'Bring you Flowers' available now! 👀
New harness 'Bring you Flowers' available now! 👀
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Bring you flowers Poop Bag / Treat Bag

Bring you flowers Poop Bag / Treat Bag

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**Introducing the "Bring You Flowers" Dog Poop Bag Holder & Treat Pouch: Blooms of Convenience and Style**

Elevate your daily walks and outings with your four-legged friend using our "Bring You Flowers" Dog Poop Bag Holder & Treat Pouch. This clever accessory isn't just a practical tool; it's a burst of style and convenience that showcases your love for your dog and your impeccable taste. In soft pastel pink adorned with charming retro flowers, it's not just about picking up after your pup – it's about doing it with grace and a touch of elegance.

🌸 **Floral Elegance:** The "Bring You Flowers" Dog Poop Bag Holder & Treat Pouch is a visual delight. Its gentle pastel pink hue and whimsical retro flower design exude timeless beauty and contemporary charm, turning an everyday task into an opportunity to showcase your dog's unique personality.

🐾 **Dual Functionality:** This clever accessory is more than just a poop bag holder. It can also be used as a treat pouch, making it a versatile companion for your dog's daily adventures. You can easily carry and dispense treats during training or simply reward your pup for good behavior on the go.

🌼 **Built for Convenience:** With a convenient pull-through dispenser for poop bags and a secure zipper for treats, this holder keeps everything you need within easy reach. It's designed to make your walks smoother and more enjoyable.

🎁 **Perfect Gift:** If you're on the hunt for a thoughtful gift for a fellow dog lover, your search ends here. This holder comes beautifully packaged and is sure to make any pet owner's day.

With our "Bring You Flowers" Dog Poop Bag Holder & Treat Pouch, you're not just managing the essentials of pet ownership; you're doing it with flair and ease. It's more than just a practical accessory; it's a symbol of love and a testament to your dog's unique personality. Order yours today and enjoy the convenience of walks in style, all while keeping your pup's tail wagging. 🐶🌸

Bring you flowers poop bag holder:

  • Can be used for rolls of poop bags, treats, keys, loose change
  • Free roll of poop bags included!
  • Neoprene washable material
  • Rubber opening to pull poop bags through
  • Zip underneath to open
  • Clip to attach to D ring on lead

Poop bag / treat holders are available and ready to ship.

Disclaimer: please check items regularly for wear and tear no item is indestructible. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the item is suitable for wear. 

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